SMC (Santa Monica College) at IKPII event

SMC (Santa Monica College) is one of the best Community Colleges in USA and the first two years of American university education. Santa Monica College located less than two miles from the beach and several nearby satellite campuses, it has everything today's student needs to succeed – computer labs, athletic facilities, performing and visual arts spaces, and active student clubs.

Programs that SMC offered are: arts, business, communication, computer science and information systems, design technology, ESL (English Second Language), english, fashion design and merchandising, health science, life science, music, physical science, and psychology.

Unistart as an agent were represented SMC (Santa Monica College) in the last IKPII. IKPII stands for " Ikatan Konsultasi Pendidikan Internasional Indonesia" or in english is " The Indonesian International Education Consultan Association". It's an association to accomodate formal international education consultant in Indonesia to promote the international education industry as a whole for public benefits based on its chartered visions, mission objectives, and code of conducts through an regular event held twice a year by IKPII. In the beginning of 2012,  IKPII event was held on 7 - 8 January at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC)  in a booth number 68.